Northpointe Retreat


Our clients wanted a new primary bedroom design that was updated and felt like a retreat. We wanted to promote relaxation and a sense of escape from the outside world.
We painted the walls a softer color to maximize the natural light and added a dramatic accent wall to cozy up the space. Adding a seating area where our client can unwind with touches of nature evoked a sense of tranquility and warmth to the space. We also wanted to embrace a minimalistic approach to decor to maintain a clean clutter-free environment. Introducing drapery and bedding brought in new textures and a luxurious feel to complete the space.

We were also able to convert a child’s playroom into a secondary office. For a high-stress job we were asked to design something soothing and functional. Our designs included a calming color palate for the walls and we introduced soft ambient lighting with sconces to help create a relaxing atmosphere. Bringing in elements such as plants, wooden furniture and a natural rug brought warmth and texture to the space.