Imperial Oaks


For this project, our client wanted to upgrade her builder-grade home to make it feel more cozy and personal. We started with the fireplace, adding metallic plaster all the way up the gorgeous 20ft ceilings and a textured, hand-troweled plaster design on the side walls next to it to create the cozy, organic feel the client was wanting.

We also created a dark and moody wine room by painting the entire room including the ceiling, adding monochromatic drapery, and creating a custom slat wood wall to bring a unique design interest to the dark space. We designed a TV seating space that was bright and airy during the day and dark and cozy to watch a movie at night. We wanted to bring in subtle lime-washed walls paired with custom accent wood wall, custom drapery, and a new velvet green sofa to make the perfect eclectic space for multi-use.